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Love You.

Love Your Life.

Transform yourself. Change your mind, your body & your energy.

Find your inner compass, feel more peace, have more joy and experience more loving relationships. Tap into the guidance of the real you and reveal the power within to live life to it’s fullest!

We offer coaching, personal development, intuitive healing,
yoga & the Four Desires, self help books & courses.

About Kel Green & Love You. Love Your Life.

My name is Kel Green, and I want to support you in finding meaning in life through alignment to your soul’s purpose, and for you to feel more peace and happiness. I work by sharing personal development tools and techniques that are uniquely crafted and sacredly built into your daily routine that will allow you to access the power of you, and to live a more joyful life. I am passionate about developing a clear mind, a deep connection with the heart and a strong body for making healthy and quality life and business decisions. My own personal challenges with breaking dysfunctional patterns combined with my drive to live life successfully, has inspired me to leverage my experiences to become clearer about what really matters. Let me help bring clarity and purpose to your life. Love you, Love your Life. “Every moment is an opportunity to change your point of view, to love you and love your life” With love – Kel More about Kel

Dear You,

Everything you need to make a change in your life is within.

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Up coming events...


Hello, every second Wednesday from 1st September I will be facilitating guided group meditation in person. Together, we will work with the energy of the moment, to feel more peace and happiness with your life and strengthen your connection with the real you. The meditation will go for one hour  at a cost of $20. For bookings and inquiries please email or message me on Facebook, click here for more details  with Love and Light Kel. 

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