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Personal Transformation

Transform the experience of your life

What is my life  about? Why dont I feel happy? How can I experience a more joyful life?

I offer coaching, personal transformation programs and tools for you to create real and lasting change in your life. Lets look at the whole of you; your body, mind and spirit.

Personal Transformation Coaching

Self Empowerment Coaching

Self empowerment coaching is a way to enhance clarity of mind and establish peace and happiness by transforming your life.  This is not regular coaching or counselling, rather it is self empowerment coaching that assists you to take responsibility for your experience. Working together we support the whole of you in mind, body and spirit to come into alignement with the real you.  In each session we will engage in a conversation that leads you to find more clarity. Tools and techniques are provided for your ongoing healing and personal growth.

This is a one on one program with me. It includes coaching sessions, outside activities, meditations, writings, self-reflection and selected readings.  This is delivered in person or online virtually anywhere in the world.

The Program

Initial Consultation

On our first meeting we establish some clarity  surrounding you. Together we will develop a personalised self development program that will align with you. 

5 Sessions Includes

Your five sessions  developed from your initial consultation will provide guidance and insights to create real change in your life. Additional materials will also be provided depending upon your personal requirements. 

Transformational Books


Wisdom of You Book

Personal Transformation Journal

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